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III Międzynarodowa Konferencja Ciągarska 05-08.03.2009r.


Nowoczesne technologie oraz modelowanie procesów ciągnienia i wytwarzania wyrobów metalowych

Program konferencji

Conference Programme 2009

14.00-19.00 – registration
20.00 – banquet

9.00-11.00 – technical session

Hall 1
Session 1

The modeling of drawing processes
Chairman: Prof. Roger N. Wright

1. HERIAN J., KNAPIŃSKI M.: Analysis of deformation intensity in the process of flattening rectangular strips.

2. JURASZEK J.: The clamped joints – analysis of shapes and materials.

3. MADEJ Ł., WĘGLARCZYK S., PIETRZYK M.: Simulation of drawing as an important stage in the steel bolt manufacturing chain.

4. RUMIŃSKI M., SKUBISZ P.: Experimental and numerical analysis of cold heading process for steel assembling screws of special geometry.

5. SULIGA M., SZOTA P., MRÓZ S.: Theoretical and experimental analysis of drawing of square twisted wire.

Hall 2
Session 1

Non-ferrous wires and wires products
Chairman: Dr hab. inż. Eugeniusz Hadasik, prof. PŚ

1. BAJOR T., MUSKALSKI Z., PEŁKA M.: The influence of the structure on the susceptibility to draw extrudate of the AZ31 magnesium alloy.

2. KNYCH T., KWAŚNIEWSKI P., MAMALA A.: High-conductivity copper-nickel alloy wire properties after different variants of fabrication technology.

3. KNYCH T., MAMALA A., JABŁOŃSKI M., DZIDUCH Ł., POPIS T.: Wire drawing process investigation of aluminium wires and its alloys.

4. KNYCH T., KAWECKI A., KIESIEWICZ G.: Research of the drawing of the oxygen-free copper in grade CuAgO,10 genre to trolley wire of the AC-150 type.

5. MAMALA A., KNYCH T., ULIASZ P.: Selected aspects AlMgSi conductor wire drawing compliance.

11.00-11.30 – tabletops

11.30-13.30 – technical session

Hall 1
Session 2

Steel wires and wire products
Chairman: Prof. dr hab. inż. Janusz Łuksza

1. BELOV M., DYJA H., GALKIN A.: The influence of tools velocity on shape disturbances of hollowed parts.

2. RUSZ S., PASTRNAK M.: The influence of the surface defects concerning upsetting and extrusion processes of the micro-alloyed steel.

3. SZAJDING K., ŁUKSZA J.: Research works on ultrasounds impact on parameters of wire drawing process trough the section die.

4. TYL T.: Industrial scale liquid quenchant fluidized bed technology (LQF) for the manufacture of steel tire cord.

5. WRIGHT R.: Dieless drawing of steel.

Hall 2
Session 2

Non-ferrous wires and wires products
Chairman: Prof. dr hab. inż. Henryk Dyja

1. KNYCH T., SMYRAK B., WALKOWICZ M.: Parameterization of materials characteristic of Oxygen Free Cooper used in electronics and electrotechnics.

2. KNYCH T., MAMALA A., SMYRAK B., ULIASZ P.: The study of AlMgSi wires properties shaping according to requirements of the PN-EN 50183: 2002 standard.

3. ULIASZ P., KNYCH T., MAMALA A., SMYRAK B.: Analyse of defects formed in non-ferrous wires manufacturing.

4. GREGER M., MUSKALSKI Z., KOCICH R.: Mechanical properties of molybdenum alloys wires.

13.30-15.00 – lunch

15.00-16.30 – technical session

Hall 1
Session 3

Steel wires and wire products
Chairman: Prof. dr hab. inż. Franciszek Grosman

1. BHAGWAT A., RATHOD M.J.: Human capital and Indian wire industry.

2. ADAMIA R., MEBONIA S., NATRIASHVILI T.: Elaboration of the mode and device for combined processes of drawing and dressing of shapes and tubes of small cross sections.

3. KRNAC J., KRUZEL R., WŁUDZIK R., PILARCZYK J.W.: The influence of stress reliving after the wire drawing process on the properties of wires to be used for steel tyre cord.

4. PRZONDZIONO J., WALKE W., SOŁTYSEK A., STĘPIEŃ P.: Electrochemical corrosion resistance tests of steel wire used in urological treatment.

5. WIEWIÓROWSKA S.: The determination of optimal heat treatment process parameters ensured about obtaining in the final low carbon steel structure the maximal quantity of retained austenite decided about TRIP effect.

Hall 2
Session 3

Steel wire rods and special products
Chairman: Dr hab. inż. Tadeusz Knych , prof. AGH

1. CARBOGNO A., MATEJA S., PYPŁACZ J.: Polish rubber coated flat steel balance ropes.

2. FUNDALEWICZ Z., MATEJA S.: The research section of the carrying triangular rope strand with a diameter of 58,0 mm with deformations in the form of so-called: ”tail spin” the deferral of mining extract mineshaft.

3. HANKUS Ł., HANKUS J.: Static test of steel ropes by using the method of Metal Magnetic Memory.

4. SOSNA S., KRNAC J., KRUZEL R.: The effect of bending wire by 90° on the strength of the wire in steel cord to be used for reinforcing tyres.

5. MIZERA J., GARBACZ H., MARCINIAK I., GIEREJ M., SONCZUK T., MOTEL W.: Improvement of the physical properties of wire used for the production of catalytic nets by microalloying.

16.30-17.30 – tabletops

19.00 – regional evening

9.00-12.00 – poster session and tabletops

Hall 2
Poster session

1. ADAMIA R., NATRIASHVILI T.: One of the method of dynamical loads restriction and quality raising of the metal-produce of high speed rolling mills.

2. BARTNICKI J.: The influence of tools velocity on shape disturbances of hollowed parts.

3. HERIAN J.: Forecasting the projection area of metal-roll contact surface in the cold production process of narrow strips.

4. KYCH T., KAWECKI A., MAMALA A.: Low-alloyed copper grades for kind of power supply systems in railways traction lines.

5. KRUZEL R., PILARCZYK J.W., CIEŚLAK Ł.: The influence of stress reliving after the wire drawing process on the properties of wires to be used for steel tyre cord.

6. MICHALCZYK J.: Analiza numeryczna jednooperacyjnego procesu wytwarzania tulei głębokich z dnem.

7. PRZONDZIONO J., GROSMAN F., SZYMSZAL J.: Production of thin strips made of stainless steel by means of flattening in a ball rolling mill.

8. SAMOŁYK G., PATER Z., BARTNICKI J.: Numerical modelling of chevron crack in drawing.

9. SULIGA M., MUSKALSKI Z., WIEWIÓROWSKA S.: The influence of single draft on fatigue strength of TRIP steel wires.

10. SULIGA M., SZOTA P., STEFANIK A.: The distribution of longitudinal stresses in drawing process of square twisted wire.

11. SZALA J., PRZONDZIONO J., HADASIK E.: Change of selected stereographic parameters of austenite grains in the recrystallization process of wire made of stainless steel X10CrNi18-8.

12. SZOTA P., DYJA H.: Numerical modelling of rolling process of square ribbed wire rod 12mm.

12.30-14.00 – lunch

14.00–19.00 – free time

19.00 – supper

8.00-10.00 – breakfast
10.00 -11.00 – departure of the participants

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