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The plan of some activity

The plan of some activity of Poland Chapter in period 2017-2021

  1. Organization of international seminar in 2018 jointly with Departament of Non-Ferrous Metals at AGH University of Science and Technology. Theme of the seminar: „Electrical railway power supply system:Current situations and future trends” .
    In 2019 organization of the VIII International Conference.
  2. At disposal of Poland Chapter there are Wire Journals Since 1995 untill 2017 (about 250 magazines).  Collecting  titles of the papers and their authors we will transfer info to members of Poland Chapter.
  3. There are also planned video lectures of famous USA specialists such as  Roger Wright, Horace Pops, Bo Shemenski  and Richard Gordon during Seminars at different drawing plant.
  1. Many books (more than 10) written in Polish by prof.Bogdan Golis and his coworkers are not available any more for buying. We suggested that we will prepare electronic versions of the book which are important for members from industry and institutions and transfer them free of charge  to members.
    Actually we found the book „Steel Rope” (in Polish) which contains the following chapters: Construction and types of steel ropes; Production Technology  of some ropes; Ropes with the surface contacts  of wires in the rope; Properties of steel ropes; Durability of ropes.
    Another book which was  of interests for members ; „ Coating and drawing of steel wires with Zn,Cu and Sn surface layers” It contains the following Chapter:  Zinc coating of steel wires; Copper coating of steel wires; Tin coating of steel wires.
  1. Inviting some specialists from for lectures and consultancy at Universities and  Drawing plants: Prof.Misiołek from LEHIGH University, C.Richard Gordon,  Dr Glodowski, prof. Atienza,
  2. Organization of the joint excursion for Chapter Members for Dusseldorf Fair (it was succesfully organized two times in the past)