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Statute of the Association (polish version): STATUTE

  • A supporting member can be a natural or legal person, irrespective of his place of residence and registered office in Poland or abroad, who with his consent will be admitted to the Association for assistance in achieving its goals, after submitting a declaration containing the data referred to in § 9 paragraph . 1 and a statement on the scope of declared aid to the Association.
  • Supporting member pays membership fee in the amount declared by him.
  • Legal entities may be supporting members of the Association.
  • The candidate for the Association submits a written declaration containing a statement on accession and obligation to pay contributions, in addition:
  1. a) natural persons: name (s) and surname, date and place of birth, address, PESEL number,
  2. b) legal persons: name (business name), registered office, address, REGN number,

Listed below are declarations of membership in the MSC and declarations for a supporting member

declaration of supporting member – templete

declaration of membership in WAI Polska – template