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Seminar in Ostaniec Hotel in Podlesice – March 19-20,2010

     On the  March 19-20  Poland Chapter has organized the 6th Seminar on Wire Drawing. It has been held in Podlesice in Hotel “Ostaniec “where in 1999 (October) the first  group of WAI’s staff (Robert M.Shemenski with his wife Pat, John Slater,  Livia Jacobs, Sandy May with his wife Shirley, Anita Oliva) met with the board of Poland Chapter before  ITC in Zakopane. 

    60 participants from more than 20 institutions and companies have come for this seminar. Among them there were representatives from  technical universities and research institutes ( Warsaw Technical University, AGH University of Science and Technology ,Czestochowa University of Technology, Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy, Institute of Nonferrous Metals)  and different enterprises in ferrous and non-ferrous  sector such as “Polskie Liny”, “ALWOTECH”, “STALEX”, TECHMAT”, “MENNICA METALE SZLACHETNE”, “WOLCO LTD” “KOELNER” Łańcucka Fabryka Śrub, „PREMCO SC” , „Fabryka Drutu w Gliwicach”, “MET-PRIM”, “DUMAT”, “CHEMETAL Polska”, „METALURGIA Radomsko”, „Gamma Metal”, „PAWLAK LTD”. In the seminar also participated two representatives from Ukraine cooperating with Polish company “TECHMAT”

    In the program after presentation about what  Wire Association and Poland Chapter offer for wire drawing sector by prof. Jan W.Pilarczyk president of Poland Chapter , the main lectures were presented by Janina Gutsch and  Krystian Blasiak from “TRAXIT” from Germany . It was concerned with new development in lubricants for drawing especially elimination of toxic borax from lubricants and replacement of lubricants and lubricant  carriers with borax by new ones without this compound. The second lecture has been presented by Mr. Stefano Paiano from Italian company “GCR EURODRAW” concerning modern drawing machineries and treatment lines which was translated by Maciej Gorak from “Gamma Metal” company – representative for Polish Market.

    The third lecture was presented by Dr.Maciej Suliga and Dr.Sylwia Wiewiorowska from Czestochowa University of Technology concerned with TRIP effect in low carbon steel wires. After lectures discussions were very interesting with conclusion that  next seminar should be organized this year in October to continue integration of drawing sector in Poland and bringing some other new subjects for participants.

   The seminar chairman was prof. Stanislaw Tkaczyk from Warsaw Technical University – also director of Central Research Centre for Packing in Poland  (see photo 87 of chairing table – from left to right Andrzej Prajsnar –son of recipient of Schneider Award, Jan Pilarczyk, Stefan Augustyniak recepient of Award, prof.Stanislaw Tkaczyk – seminar chairman, Edward Zglobicki –Award recipient, prof.Tadeusz Knych – AGH University of Science and Technology, prof.Bogdan Golis).

   Traditionally  during seminars ceremony of awarding with Schneider Memorial Award people who contributed for development of wire drawing industry with has been held. Prof.Schneider is recognized as a father of Polish wire industry. He died in 1969. It is worth to mention that  recipients of this award were among other Dr.Robert M.Shemenski in 2007 and prof.Roger Wright in 2009.

    This year three veterans from ferrous sector of the wire industry were awarded : Stefan Augustyniak previous many years managing director of “LINODRUT” Silesian Facory of Ropes and WIRES actually owner of “TECHMAT” company representative of “TRAXIT” on Polish Market, Tadeusz Prajsnar  and Edward Zgłobicki both from Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy actually retired . They invented many patents which were implemented in Polish drawing plants among them constructions of pressure dies and have got Polish Government award for their achievements. Laudations for them was presented by Dr.Wojciech Szulc deputy director of Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy. Laudation for Stefan Augustyniak was presented by prof.Bogdan Golis who cooperated with him as a head of Central Laboratory for Metal Products in period 1960-1970 .

See photo DSCN2117 with recepients and laudations presenters : from left to right :Szulc,Prajsnar, Zgłobicki, Augustyniak, Golis, Pilarczyk

After official part of the seminar the reception with traditional good food , drinks  and songs has taken place .