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Seminar in Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice – March 20, 2008

Information about Symposium on development of technologies for non-ferrous metals wire production organized on 20th of March,2008 by Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals and Poland Chapter of Wire Association in  Gliwice in Hotel”Argentum”

 Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals (IMN) has been selected as a place of this symposium due to  very good cooperation with this company of scientists from Czestochowa University of Technology. It is worth to mention that Managing Director of IMN prof.dr inż. Zbigniew Śmieszek has been a member of local committee of WAI Conference in Zakopane in 1999 and this company has greatly supported financially this conference (see WJI, August 1999).

Program of symposium after official opening by prof. Śmieszek from IMN and information about developments in the Institute was as follows:

  1. Information about Wire Association International mission and its offer to wire drawing industry; role of Poland Chapter by prof.Jan W.Pilarczyk – President of Poland Chapter of WAI
  2. Information about Schneider Memorial Award by prof.Bogdan Golis – Chairman of the Award Committee
  3. Presentation “ Development of Technologies for Production of Wires from Special Alloys and Composites Based on Silver , Copper and Other Metals” by Dr inż. Stanislaw Księzarek – Director of INMET in The Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals
  4. Presentation “Trolley Wires for High Speed Railways” by prof. Tadeusz Knych from AGH University of Science and Technology from Krakow
  5. Speech by prof.Jozef Zasadzinski describing the great contribution of Dr.Ksiezarek for a development of technologies for non-ferrous metals wires and his international achievements
  6. Presentation of the Schneider Memorial Award to Dr.Stanislaw Ksiezarek
  7. Closing of the seminar and lunch

In symposium have taken part more than 50 specialists from 14 companies among others from Telefonika , Bipromet, WM Łabedy,  Dawid , Degropol, IMN, IMET. There were also scientists from Polish Academy of Sciences, AGH University of Science and Technology,

Silesian University of Technology, Institute of Welding and Czestochowa University of Technology


Director of IMN prof.Zbigniew Śmieszek and prof.Jozef Zasadzinski were chairmen of this symposium. After every presentation there were discussions and comments from the audience. It is worth to mention that prof.Zasadzinski was earlier recipient of Schneider Memorial Award together with Dr.Rober M.Shemneski during the 2nd International Conference on Drawing which was organized by Poland Chapter of Wire Association and Institute for Modeling and Automation of Metal Forming Processes from Czestochowa University of Technology in Zakopane , march 2007 (see WJI April,2007 p.40)

   In his speech prof.Zasadzinski has underlined more than 50 years work in Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals which resulted beyond many reports , papers also in many patents implemented in the industry. He has mentioned few with the most impact for starting the new products such as  wires and bars from soldering alloys on the base of silver (1992), method of manufacturing wires and strips from alloys  of copper, manganese and nickel (Alloy CuMn38Ni9.5) (1998), method of manufacturing of wires from hard solders on the silver base – BAg7, BAg 34 (2005), and method of manufacturing of wires for electric contacts from metal-ceramic materials – AgSnO2Bi2O3 and composites AgSnO2In2O3 or AgSnO2Re, method of manufacturing of wires from alloy AgSdNi (2005)

 In 1999 during Interwire of Wire Association in Atlanta  Dr Ksiezarek has presented the paper titled “Wires used in the production of electric contacts” which has got Honorable Mention Award in non-ferrous section as the first Polish paper from nonferrous  metals which has got this award.