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Seminar in Cedler Steelworks in Sosnowiec – April 23, 2003

Information about Symposium on Drawing organized on 23rd of April,2003 by Poland Chapter of Wire Association in PHS S.A.- Oddzial Huta Cedler in Sosnowiec

PHS S.A – Oddzial Huta Cedler (earlier Cedler Steel Works S.A) has been selected as a place of this symposium due to  very good cooperation with this company of scientists from Czestochowa Technical University. It is worth to mention that Managing Director of Cedler Steel Works S.A -Kazimierz Porebski has been a member of local committee of WAI Conference in Zakopane in 1999 and this company has greatly supported finnacially this conference being also host of ferrous trip (see WJI, August 1999).

Since the beginning of 2003 Cedler Steel Works S.A. together with other three steel works i.e Katowice, Sendzimir and Florian has founded Polish Steel Works

(Polskie Huty Stali) PHS S.A.

Program of symposium after official opening by Director Kazimierz Porebski from PHS.S.A – Oddzial Huta Cedlera and information about developments in this factory was as follows:

  1. Information about Wire Association International mission and its offer to wire drawing industry; role of Poland Chapter by prof.Jan W.Pilarczyk – President of Poland Chapter of WAI
  2. Drawing machines and equipment at Cedler Steel Works; technology of production of welding wires by Roman Jakubczak – Head of Department of Welding Wires from PHS S.A –Oddzial Huta Cedler w Sosnowcu
  3. Production of welded nets in the world and their importance for building sector by Andrzej Witkowski – Head of Department of Welded Nets from PHS.S.A – Oddzial Huta Cedler w Sosnowcu.
  4. Residual stresses in wires plastically deformed by prof.Fryderyk Knap from Czestochowa Technical University.

In symposium have taken part 41 specialists from 14 companies (Steel Works, Drawing Plants, Wire Products Enterprices, Institutes and Universities)


Director Kazimierz Porebski and prof.Bogdan Golis were chairmen of this symposium. After every presentation there were discussions and comments from the audience.

In the program of symposium has been also sightseeing of departments which were presented during first part of the meeting. Before sightseeing there was also multimedia presentation about company and departments which were offered for sightseeing.

Huta Cedlera in Sosnowiec has celebrated its 100 years Anniversary in 2002.

Production of wire rod has been started in 1907 and it is continued until now.

Plant of wire rod rolling is the most important plant of the company has been founded in 1973 on the base of Morgan licence and subsequently modernized in 1990 by SMS company reaching capacity 550,000 Mg per year.

Beyond Wire Rod Rolling Plant Company has two other production departments: Drawing of Welding Wires (Ciagarnia Drutu Spawalniczego) and

Welded Nets for Building (Wydzial Mat Budowlanych) which use about 14 % of own production of the wire rod. In Huta Cedlera is also located Department of Cold Rolling of Strips (Walcownia Tasm Zimnowalcowanych) which uses hot rolled strips delivered by Huta Sendzimir.