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  • The aim of the Association is to promote the development of the Polish metal, drawing, cable industry and other industries related to it and its promotion, while cooperating with leading centers in this field in the world.
  • The association in the 2017-2021 term will carry out its goals through:
  1. Organizing national and international conferences and seminars;
  • VIII International Drawing Conference 2019 and IX Drawing Conference in 2021
  • International Symposium in 2018 together with the Non-Ferrous Metals Faculty AGH in the field of achievements in the railway traction network industry
  1. Enabling access to international publications and thematic studies;
  • Providing articles from Wire Journal in the years 1995-2017 (22 years after 12 copies about 250 WJ (preparing a list of articles contained in these copies and making them available to MSC members)
  1. Organizing education in the field of a professional foreign language;
  • Providing lectures in English in the “ferrous, non ferrous” industry owned by the MSC.
  1. Initiating business contacts in the field of the drawing industry and metal products;
  2. Organizing publishing and training activities;
  • Resumption of some previous publications developed by MSC members
  • (List of books and scripts published at the Czestochowa University of Technology and by the MSC)
  1. Organizing fairs and thematic exhibitions;
  • Continuing thematic exhibitions together with organization of conferences and seminars.
  • Participation of MSC members at the Fair in Dusseldorf modeled on the last two trips organized by the MSC a few years ago.
  1. Help in advertising and promotion of Polish products
  • At conferences and seminars; on the updated MSC website; at trade fairs organized by WAI (List)
  1. Cooperation with domestic and foreign industry organizations in the exchange of ideas and experiences;
  • Establishing cooperation with Schneider and Mordica prize winners from the USA, Japan, Belgium and Spain (Prof. Misiołek, Dr. Shemenski, Prof. Wright, Prof. Yoshida, Prof. Van Houtt, Prof. Atienza, Prof. Sevillano)
  1. Establishing contacts and cooperation with scientific units, universities and vocational secondary schools in the metal industry in the specialties of the drawing and the surroundings of the drawing process and metal products;
  • Continuing to expand cooperation with prof. Tadeusz Knych and his team
  1. Preparation of expert opinions and expertises in the field of metalworking and products for the benefit of individuals, social organizations, business entities and various types of units;
  • In the last few years, several opinions for companies have been developed: Dawid, Dobrowolski, Kciuk and we are waiting for the demand for such opinions
  1. Applying for projects financed by NCBiR, NCN and foreign organizations