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List of seminars

Wykaz wszystkich seminariów organizowanych przez Poland Chapter of  WireAssociation International w latach 2003-2012:

  • Seminar in Cedler Steelworks in Sosnowiec (actually ArcelorMittal Poland) organized on April 23, 2003. There were presented 3 lectures concerned with technology od production of welding wires, production of welded nets and residual stresses. 41 participants from 14 drawing plants and institutions.
  • Seminar in Czestochowa University of Technology at Institute of Modeling and Automation of Metal Forming Processes organized on February 15,2005. In total six papers were presented – 3 from Zelazarny a Dratowny Drawing Plant Bohumin and 3 from Czestochowa University of Technology. They were concerned with criteria of wires fracture, processes of hydrodynamic drawing , effect of high speed drawing of high carbon steel wires on their  properties and drawing of TRIP steels wires. 30 participants from 11 enterprises and institutions (details see Wire Journal, May 2006, p.30)
  • Seminar in “SPAWMET” (Actually General Electric) in Swietochłowice organized on November 22,2005. 4 papers were presented among them about non-destructive tests from Magnetic Analysis Corporation. 20 participants from 12 drawing plants from Poland and Czech Republic (details see Wire Journal, January 2006,p.35)
  • Seminar in Zelezarny a Dratovny Bohumin ZDB (republika Czeska) organized on November 23, In total 14 presentations in the frame of post-graduate course realized by Poland Chapter in coperation with Institute of Metal Forming from Czestochowa University of Technology. On November 24 , 2005 meeting of participants course with management of ZDB was  arranged to estimate its advamtages to development of ZDB.
  • Seminar in drawing plant “ELDRUT” in Zagnansk organized on July 7, 2006. There were presented 4 papers concerned with lubricant carriers after mechanical descaling of wire rods, new tendencies in the steel wire drawing process, drawing wires in roller dies, laser meters of wires diameter in the wire drawing process. 30 participants from 22 drawing plants and research institutes. (details see Wire Journal, September 2006, p.28)
  • Seminar in Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice organized on March 20, 2008. Two lectures about special wires on base of silver, copper and other metals and wires for high speed railways were presented. 50 participants from 14 enterprises from non-ferrous sector and universities were present. (details see Wire Journal, June 2008,p.33)
  • Seminar in “DRUMET” (actually Wire Co from Kansas City) organized on December 8, 2008. 4 papers were presented concerned with modern method of drawing, shape dies and lubricants from Italian Company “LUBRIMETAL)
  • Seminar in Ostaniec Hotel in Podlesice organized on March 19-20,2010. There were presented 3 lectures concerned with elimination of borax from lubricants for drawing (TRAXIT company fromGermany), modern drawing machined and method of thermal treatment from EURODRAW company from Italy as well as TRIP effect in low carbon steel wires.60 participants from 20 plants and institutions. ( details see Wire Journal, February 2011,p.38)
  • Seminar in The Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals of AGH University of Science and Technology organized on December 8,2011 titled: “Modern materials and technologies based on non-ferrous metals for electrical power engineering”. Conference topics addressed the demand for creating energy saving and environmentally friendly systems  of railway transport .More than 100 participants from non-ferrous plants and research institutes as well as many universities. (details see Wire Journal,  January, 2012,p.34-35)