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3-5 March 2011 – 4th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DRAWING in Zakopane, Poland

Modern technologies and modelling of drawing and manufacturing processes of metal products

Poland Chapter report

Conference programme 2011:

14.00-19.00 – registration of participants
20.00 – banquet

9.00-11.30 – technical session

Hall 1
Session 1
Steel wires and wire products
Chairman: Prof. dr hab. inż. Kazunari Yoshida, Prof. dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Pater

1. BAE J. G., BAN D. Y., YANG Y. S. , PARK C. G.: Novel techniques for measurement of residual stress in axial direction of heavily cold drawn thin-sized steel wires by focused ion beam and its application.

2. CABALLERO L., ATIENZA J. M., ELICES M.: Effect of changes in the stabilizing treatment on the surface residual stresses of prestressing steel wires.

3. KUZIAK R., MILENIN A., PAĆKO M., PIETRZYK M.: Fasteners of bainitic steels manufactured by drawing and forging.

4. ÖVERSTAM H., JOHANSSON H., JARL M.: Temperatures at wire-drawing; simulations and verification efforts.

5. SKOŁYSZEWSKI A., RUMIŃSKI M., ŁUKSZA J.: Application of alternate stainless steels to deep cold processing.

6. TYL T. W.: Incremental energy die practices for the manufacture of steel products.

7. YOSHIDA K., SAIKI Y., OHKUBO C.: Improvement of drawability and fabrication possibility of dental implant screw made of pure titanium.

Hall 2
Session 1
Non-ferrous wires and wires products
Chairman: Dr hab. inż. Eugeniusz Hadasik, prof. PŚ

1. KNYCH T., ULIASZ P., PIWOWARSKA M.: Research into new technology to obtain rod for the production of aluminum wires.

2. KNYCH T., MAMALA A., KAWECKI A., KWAŚNIEWSKI P., KIESIEWICZ G.: Numerical analysis of metal pressure on the die wall during trolley wires drawing process.

3. SENDERSKI J., PŁONKA B., KORCZAK P., KUT J., REMSAK K.: Heat and mechanical working of EN AW-6101 alloy for die forgings connectors power aerial lines.

4. KNYCH T., MAMALA A., NOWAK A.: Compacting problems of aluminum cables for electrical purposes.

5. KNYCH T., MAMALA A., SMYRAK B., OSUCH P.: Evaluation of the technology for continuous casting and rolling of an AlMgSi alloy in continuus-properzi line to preserve the highest quality charge to the drawing process.

6.SENDERSKI J., STUCZYŃSKI T., ŻELECHOWSKI J., PŁONKA B., ZAMKOTOWICZ Z., KORCZAK P.: Research over optimum production parameters of 6xxx series alloys as direct-chill cast ingots including modern (new) grain refinement methods and structure stabilizing additions.

7. KNYCH T., SMYRAK B., KWAŚNIEWSKI P., WALKOWICZ M., KIESIEWICZ G.: Analysis of casting speed influence on electrical properties and thermal resistance of the wires made of oxygen-free copper.

11.30-12.00 – tabletops,

12.00-14.00 – technical session

Hall 2
Session 3
Steel wires and wire products
Chairman: Prof. dr hab. inż. Tadeusz Knych

1. FUNDALEWICZ Z., MATEJA S.: Measurement results rope of the half-closed type with diameter of 48,0 mm that had been discarded after 11.5 years of operation in a mining shaft hoisting machine.

2. HERIAN J., KUDLIŃSKI Z., JANISZEWSKI K., DZIEDZIC K., ZALEWSKI L.: The influence of continuous casting quality on the steel wire production process.

3. JABŁOŃSKA M., ŚMIGLEWICZ A., HADASIK E., NIEWIELSKI G.: Research of properties of the X60MnAl27-5 austenitic steel wires.

4. KAZANA W., KSIĘŻAREK S., CIURA L., WOCH M., MARSZOWSKI K.: Technological aspects of manufacturing bimetallic Ni/Fe wire used as welding electrodes.

5. MICHALCZYK J., BANASZEK G.: The research of influence selection parameters on process of production pipes the method of single operation two-sided complex extrusion.

6. NOWACKI J., TYTKO A.: Clashes and flue rolling in external wires in ropes work in shaft hoists and mining railways.

14.00-15.00 – lunch

15.00-16.30 – award the Schneider Prize

16.30-17.30 – tabletops

18.45 – departure to the restaurant

19.00 – regional evening


9.00-12.00 – poster session and tabletops

1. BARTNICKI J.: Force distributions in rolling extrusion process of parts from magnesium alloy MA2.

2. GREGER M., MUSKALSKI Z., ČERNÝ M.: Structure and properties of wires made of tungsten and its alloys.

3. JURASZEK J.: Numerical and experimental analysis of the electrical fittings.

4. KNYCH T., ULIASZ P., PIWOWARSKA M., MAMALA A.: Research on heat resistance of AlZr alloy wires.

5. KNYCH T., JABŁOŃSKI M., MAMALA A., ADRYCH M.: Studies on the use of aluminium as feedstock for the production of winding wires.

6. KNYCH T., KAWECKI A., MAMALA A., KWAŚNIEWSKI P., KIESIEWICZ G.: Research on influence of magnesium addition in copper on strength parameters drawing process and their mechanical and electrical properties.

7. KNYCH T., KWAŚNIEWSKI P., MAMALA A., KAWECKI A., KIESIEWICZ G., KORZEŃ M.: Comparative studies of properties of CuCr0,1, CuMg0,5 and CuNi2Si copper alloy wires manufactured directly from continuous casting rods.

8. KNYCH T., SMYRAK B., KWAŚNIEWSKI P., WALKOWICZ M. , KIESIEWICZ G.: An effect of casting conditions on evolution of the structure of wires made of oxygen-free copper.

9. KRNAČ J., ADAMCZYK J., GOLIS B., PILARCZYK J. W.: Efect of die angle, slope and length of bearing part on residual stresses in rope wires.

10. KUCHARSKA M., BARTOSIŃSKI P., MUSKALSKI Z., WIEWIÓROWSKA S.: The structure and mechanical properties analysis of MgCa 0.8 alloy after extrusion by KOBO method.
11. KWAPISZ M., KNAPIŃSKI M., DYJA H.: The analysis of stress distribution in process the alternate pressing and multiaxial compression.

12. MRÓZ S., SZOTA P., DYJA H.: Numerical modelling of copper-aluminium bimetallic bars drawing process.

13. MUSKALSKI Z.: The analysis of high carbon steel wires drawing process with “reduced” redundant strain.

14. MUSKALSKI Z., WIEWIÓROWSKA S., KOZACZEK W., JAKUBCZAK R., SZUBERT Ł.: The analysis of possibility to obtaining steel wire rod with TRIP effect on control cooling line-Stelmor.

15. PATER Z.: Limiting value of Cockroft-Latham integral for 100Cr6 bearing steel grade.

16. PRZONDZIONO J., WALKE W., DAŃCZAK G.: Electrochemical corrosion resistance of steel wire used in cardiologic leaders.

17. RUSZ S., ČÍŽEK L., DUTKIEWICZ J. , KEDROŇ J., TYLŠAR S.: The influence of the heat treatment on structure and properties of copper after DRECE process.

18. SAMOŁYK G.: Analysis of metal plastic flow during the orbital forging of a disc-type product.

19. SIDELNIKOV S., DOVJENKO N., LOPATINA E., VOROSHILOV D. ,SOKOLOV R.: Modern technology of receiving wire from non-plastic aluminum alloys.

20. SMYRAK B., KNYCH T., OSUCH P., NALBORSKI Ł., SŁABY P.KORZEŃ K.: The study of AlMgSi rod artificial ageing influence on wires strenght hardening after drawing process.

21. STEFANIK A., SZOTA P., MRÓZ S., DYJA H., GAŁKIN A.: Analysis of the fracture possibility during square wire drawing.

22. SULIGA M.: The influence of drawing speed on multi-pass drawing process of high carbon steel wires.

23. SZAJDING K., ŁUKSZA J.: Ultrasounds impact on drawing force decrease during “drawing-swaging” process trough the sectional drawing die and tandem configurations.

24. SZOTA P., MRÓZ S., STEFANIK A.: Numerical modelling of wear drawing die during round wire drawing process.

25. WIEWIÓROWSKA S.: The influence of single draft on amount of retained austenite in structure of TRIP steel wires.

26. WŁUDZIK R., ADAMCZYK J., PILARCZYK J. W.: The investigation of the influence of the temperature of annealing and deformation on the mechanical and plastic properties of wires from the alloy CuAg15P5.

27. WŁUDZIK R., PILARCZYK JAN W., GOLIS B., ADAMCZYK J.: The investigation of influence of temperature of extrusion and annealing on structure of wires from the alloy CuAg15P5.

12.00 – closing the conference

12.00-13.00 – lunch

13.00-14.00 – departure of participants

leaflet 2011


Winners of Prof. M. Schneider prize:

Prof. Kazunari Yoshida
M.Sc. Eugeniusz Filipczyk