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3-5 March 2005 – INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DRAWING in Zakopane, Poland

Modern technologies and modeling of manufacturing processes of wire and wire products
Faculty of Materials Processing Technology and Applied Physics
Institute of Modeling and Automation of Plastic Working Processing
Częstochowa University of Technology


International Conference on Drawing
Zakopane 2005


1. BALAN T., BIGOT R., CONFERTE M., PERROT-SIMONETTA M.T .: Parameter identification of steel behaviour laws through the simulation of wire drawing

2. CIEŚLAK Ł., KNAP F., KRUZELR., PIKOS B.: Stress relieving of wire after drawing – six bends

3. DYJA H., ASHYKHMIN G., GAŁKIN A., JENIKEJEV R.: Analysis of stability the tube drawing in coils process

4. GAL’CHENKO G., STOVPCHENKO G., CHYGYRYNETS O.: Effective means of temporarily anticorrosive protection of rolled metals

 5. GÓRAK W., GÓRAK K.: Production technology of thin low-carbon wires under o 1,2 mm in years 1980-2004

6. HANKUS J., HANKUS Ł.: Non- conventional methods of diagnostic testing of wire of steel ropes

7. HERIAN J.: The algorithm of selecting wire initial parameters for demanded band dimensions shaped the process of flattening

8. HERIAN J.: The shape profile of a band lateral section in the process of flattening of the wires

9. IONOV S.M., KANTOROVICH V.I., SHEPOVALOV S.A. , KRUKOV A.N.: Estimation of technological lubricans and friction conditions in a drawing process

10. JURASZEK J.: Modeling clasp joint by FEM

11. KARLSSON P., JARL M., ENGHAG P.: Use of roller straightener to produce wire cast

12. KAWECKI A., KNYCH T., MAMALA A.: Silver copper trolley wires for modern traction lines

13. KAZANA W., KSIĘŻAREK S., CIURA L., BESZTAK B.: The research and technological aspects of manufacturing process of clad wires to specific applications

14. KNAP F., CIEŚLAK Ł., KRUZEL R., PIKOS B.: Residual stresses in square wire arc elements with different yield point by stretching and compressing

15. KNYCH T., MAMALA A., SMYRAK B.: The influence of a natural aging of en aw 6201 alloy wire on its force parameters during drawing process

16. KOLB W., WEIDENHAUPT W.: A New Generation in Brass Plating of Steel Wire for Tire Cord

17. KRUZEL R., KNAP F., CIEŚLAK Ł., PIKOS B., GÓRAK K.: An influence of die rotational speed on drawing force and mechanical properties of wire after drawing

18. ŁUKSZA J., SKOŁYSZEWSKI A., PAĆKO M., RUMIŃSKI M.: Processing and application of stainless steel wires

19. MARCINIAK I., MOTEL W., SIEMIENIUCH A.: Precious metal wires fabricated by Mennica-Metale Szalchetne Sp. z o.o. and work aiming to improve their qualities

20. MARKOWSKI J., KNAPIŃSKI M., FRĄCZEK T., DYJA H., KAWAŁEK A: Analysis of deformability of steel 2CS75 in conditions of hot plastic working

21. MILENIN A.: Software Drawing2d – general tool for analysis of technological processes of multi-pass drawing

22. MUSKALSKI Z.: The theoretical and experimental analysis the temperature distribution in wire during multi-pass drawing process

23. MUSKALSKI Z., STRADOMSKI Z., PILARCZYK J.W., SULIGA M., HERIAN J.: The influence of drawing process on mechanical properties TWIP steel

24. OLEK R., TONDERSKI W: Modern technologies – thermovision as a way of savings

25. PIKOS B., KNAP F., KRUZEL R., CIEŚLAK Ł.: Non-dilatational strain in a wire-drawing process by a conical and arc die

26. PILARCZYK J.W., GOLIS B., MAŁECKI T., MARKOWSKI J.: Application of variance analysis for estimation of significance of influence of some parameters of drawing process of wires from steel DB92 on temperature, mean stress and strain intensity

27. PRZONDZIONO J., GROSMAN F., HERIAN J: The procedure of determining parameters for wire flattening process in a rolling mill

28. RUSZ S., KUBICEK M., PASTRNAK M., FILIPEC P., PETRUSKA J., JANICEK L. , GREGER M.: The influence of the surface defects concerning drawing processes of the micro-alloyed steel

29. SIDELNIKOV S. B., , DOVZHENKO N. N.: Modeling and developing processes of integrated aluminum and aluminum alloys processing based on the methods of continuous casting, rolling and extrusion

30. SMYRAK B., KNYCH T., MAMALA A.: An influence of a material’s rheological equivalent on conductors’ mechanic state of overhead electro energetic lines

31. STOVPCHENKO G., PROYDAK Y., KAMKYNA L., GOLOVACHOV A.: Research of ferro-alloys deformation in metallic matrix at rolling and drawing of composite wire

32. TARASEK A., KNYCH T., MAMALA A.: Thermal resistance tests of wires of alluminium alloys AlMgSi for electroenergetical overhead conductors

33. WIEWIÓROWSKA S.: The structure analysis and phase composition wire from BAg7 alloy obtained by KOBO method

34. VAN HOUTTE P., HE S., MEI F., SARBAN A.: The study of residual stresses in cold drawn steel wire by means of x-ray diffraction and finite element simulation

35. YOSHIDA K., SHINOHARA T: FEM analysis of surface flaw of wire during drawing used in spring of automobile and medical instrument

Conference committees

Wire Association International – Poland Chapter
Members of the Scientific Committee, Honorable Committee and Organisation Committee

Honorable Patronage :
Provost of Częstochowa University of Technology Prof. Henryk Dyja

Scientific Committee :
Prof. Janusz Łuksza – AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland
Prof. Franciszek Grosman – The Silesian University of Technology, Katowice, Poland
Prof. Bogdan Golis – Częstochowa University of Technology, Poland.
Prof. Fryderyk Knap – Częstochowa University of Technology
Ph.D. Kazimierz Jagieła, prof. P.Cz. – Częstochowa University of Technology
Prof. Józef Zasadziński – AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland
Ph.D. Zbigniew Rdzawski – Institute of Non-ferrous Metals, Gliwice, Poland

Honorable Committees :
Prof. Henryk Dyja – Provost of Częstochowa University of Technology
Prof. Etienne Aernoudt – Doctor Honoris Causa of the Częstochowa University of Technology. University of Technology, Kuleuven, Belgium
Prof. Paul Van Houtte – KULeuven, Belgium.
Prof. Zbigniew Śmieszek – Director of the Instytute of Nonferrous Metals, Gliwice, Poland
Ph.D. Adam Schwedler – Director of Institute of Ferrous Metals, Gliwice, Poland
Bertrand Lapostolle – Technical Commitee Chairman, European Steel Wire Drawing Association
Franz Branders – President of the Four Industriale Belgie, Belgium
M.Sc. Marek Szyniec – Director of Copper Works “Cedynia” KGHM – Polska Miedź S.A.
Marek Rózga – President of the Zawiercie Steel Works
Jerzy Totko – Director of Wire and Rope Factory Drumet S.A
Michał Kasprzyk – President of Wire Factory, Gliwice

Organisation Committee:
Chairman – Ph.D. Zbigniew Muskalski
Secretary – Ph.D. Sylwia Wiewiórowska
Prof. Jan W. Pilarczyk
Ph.D. Robert Kruzel
Ph.D. Łukasz Cieślak
M.Sc. Maciej Suliga
M.Sc. Marcin Kwapisz

Secretary of Conference :
Ph.D. Sylwia Wiewiórowska
Faculty of Materials Processing Technology and Applied Physics
Institute of Modelling and Automation of Plastic Working Processing
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